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The Naked Men at Festivals in Japan!

The Naked Man in Japan! vol. 7

Dear readers,

Welcome back to the Naked Man Journal! In this edition, I will expose you to the raw, primal and most MANLY side of Japan. I am talking about the one – but not only – Hadaka Matsuri, or Naked Festival.
Originally published in 2001 at Naked Man, our man in Japan by Thomas Fast]

For a related (sort of) video, see a troupe of naked odaiko drummers perform on video (mainly women).

The Naked Man in Japan!

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vol. 7
Dear readers,
Welcome back to the Naked Man Journal! In this edition, I will expose you to the raw, primal and most MANLY side of Japan. I am talking about the one – but not only – Hadaka Matsuri, or Naked Festival.
As you may, but probably don't know, the Saidaiji Naked Man Festival is one of Okayama's greatest claims to fame. Of course it's also the inspiration for the title of this Journal. I can very much identify with that awkward, slightly drafty feeling of being completely naked in public. Everyday I still karaoke being the one exception). "The nail that sticks out…"
get stares. I get tired of it but at the same time, it has had one positive (?) effect: I am now willing to do just about anything in front of others and feel no shame. The locals on the other hand are deathly afraid of doing something that would draw attention to themselves (

Let me tell you, I AM that nail as are most foreigners. But I don’t let it bother me. I am OUT and proud. Thus, I am liberated. Free of the inhibitions that hold back normal people. I do what I want! Besides, people are going to stare no matter what. Mind you, I do try to respect local customs and fit in as best possible, but it isn't easy...
Anyway, back to the Hadaka Matsuri: During the winter months, there are naked festivals all over Japan, but at 10,000 participants, Okayama's is the largest. I attended it on a cold Saturday evening back in February but haven't been able to put into words exactly what I'd seen until now:
It took place in the town of Saidaiji, about a 30 minute drive from downtown Okayama City. I went with 2 busloads of foreigners – some of us just to observe and others actually planning to participate. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a short speech by the mayor of Saidaiji and a tour of the grounds where the festival would take place. The Canadian ambassador and his wife were also in attendance.
I was there with my friends from Peru, Pedro and Roberto, who like myself, were just observers. Tim and Mike on the other hand, (from the UK and US respectively), were "going all the way." Their girlfriends had reluctantly come along to show support. Already they were beginning to fear for the lives of their soon to be naked boyfriends.

Tim and Mike seemed to be having second thoughts as well. They were beginning to realize they'd just signed up for an all-out brawl. The purpose of the festival? Quite simple: Capture a scented stick known as a shingi, thrown at exactly midnight, from the rafters of Saidaiji Temple by the head priest. Then take it all the way back to City Hall, at least 10 blocks away, and stick it into a bucket full of dirt. Keep in mind that all the while you will be competing with 10,000 other naked men with exactly the same goal. And there are NO RULES. Participants are allowed to do anything short of kill a man in order to get the shingi before it reaches City Hall.

After successfully plunging the shingi into the bucket of dirt, the winner receives an enormous cash prize, not to mention the favor of the gods. Several lesser, "decoy" shingi are also thrown out. They grant good luck and make swell ornaments for your rearview mirror.

I should add that the participants aren't entirely naked. The vitals are protected (?) by a fundoshi or traditional Japanese loincloth, similar to those you see on Sumo wrestlers. And in case you were wondering, the official word from the Mayor is that women are allowed to participate, but I've never heard of any who did. They seem to be content to let boys be boys and keep this silly homoerotic game to themselves.
That night, it was only a degree above freezing. Rain was coming down in sheets and the ground was a sea of mud. The temple was a typical square, wooden structure with steep steps leading to the main level. This area was entirely open, so you could see the upper floor from which the shingi was dropped.
Entering the festival area was like stepping onto the movie set of King Kong. There was a primitive smell in the air. Facing the street entrance, on the temple's first floor, a group of about 20 women played taiko drums. The deep booms punctuated by their shrill cries, gave me the impression that any minute Kong would appear over the small town skyline, looking for a blond in a white dress about the size of his ring finger.

There was fear and anticipation in the air. Spectators milled around in the rain, snapping pictures, waving the shrine's incense smoke on their bodies for good luck. I soaked up the ambience. At 9:00 pm the first actual festival participants began to arrive in teams of anywhere from 5 to 50 men. It was a bit startling to see them almost completely naked in the chill night air. They marched around as if in a trance, repeating "wa-shoi, wa-shoi." The previously mentioned fundoshi was their only cover. On their feet, they wore sock-like tabi covered in mud.

For the next 3 hours prior to the dropping of the shingi they marched/jogged around the temple, occasionally detouring into a smaller building that housed a pool of ice water. They jumped in and back out to continue their march, psyching themselves up for the battle at hand. Apparently, the water served as a ritual purification. It also made the frigid air seem warm by comparison.

As if the mood wasn't charged enough, special "Winter Fireworks" were launched just over the river behind the temple. I had never seen fireworks in a February sky. It was beautiful, but the clouds and rain muffled the explosions. The colors ran somewhat like the reflection of lights seen from within a car on a rainy night. The fireworks, the rain, the shrill cries of the women beating the drums, the incense smoke, the mud everywhere, the beer, the sweaty, naked bodies in the extreme cold, the smells of fried octopus and cotton candy coming from the food stalls – it overwhelmed the senses.

Once the fireworks ended, we went to a local coffee shop to warm-up a little. It was right across from a blue tent where our foreign men went to have their fundoshi wrapped. Apparently, like a kimono, it's not something you can put on by yourself. In fact, I was later told by my friend Tim that there was a man in there whose sole purpose in life was to gird the loins of naked men! Tim added that the guy yanked the cloth so far up his buttocks that his feet left the ground!

This was done for a reason: Pin the testicles up in the body cavity for their own protection! And obviously, you don't want it unwrapping in the middle of the fray. Most of the foreigners looked understandably uncomfortable in their fundoshis; however, many of the Japanese men seemed to be quite at home. In fact, prior to entering the temple grounds and getting primal, many could be seen leisurely standing around in the rain and cold, smoking a cigarette or having a beer
 with the fellas.

Speaking of beer, in this same blue tent there was an endless supply of beer and sake for our gaijin group. Most of the other participants were "under the influence" to some
degree. The common belief is that it helps to combat the cold and provide liquid courage for the battle at hand. Never mind the fact that alcohol mixed with over exposure could also cause hypothermia (cases are very common on this night).

Finally it was nearing the moment everyone had been waiting for. We left the cafe for the observation area, located on the temple grounds, about 100 meters away from the temple itself. Fortunately, I was able to see above the umbrellas as I'm quite tall compared to the locals.
The intensity was growing. Floodlights lit-up the entire temple precinct. Slowly the inner sanctum was beginning to fill with wet, naked men all jockeying for best position to catch the shingi. Team after team came marching in. There were all types of men. There were the fresh 1st year salarymen who had been forced to participate in company teams -- some sort of sadistic "coworker bonding" activity, the Japanese equivalent to fraternity Hell Week. Those less interested in the glory were simply trying to stay warm. Then there were the real "butt-kicker types. Drunk on beer, sake, adrenaline and testosterone, they walked among the others like lions stalking a herd of gazelle.

Within the temple, a sea of bodies formed. It was beginning to spill down the steps. A horde of naked men were yelling, slipping, climbing and slithering their way inside.

I took my place in a raised viewing area separated by a fence from the temple ground. There were still about 20 minutes before midnight. I was beginning to tune in to the violence breaking out in and just outside the temple: A large man crashed down the front steps, hitting them head first. Two smaller men exited right behind him. I thought they were trying to help, but then realized they were literally kicking him out of the temple! When the man finally hit the ground (with a "thud" that I swear I heard from 100 yards away), I noticed he was foreign.

At the foot of the temple, the foreign man attempted to
 stand up, but recei-
vved multiple kicks in the
ribs and face. There was nothing he could to do protect himself and no one around to help. I stood 100 yards away unable to do anything but watch the most brutal beating I've ever witnessed (that wasn’t on TV!). Although it was over in less than a minute, it seemed like ages before anything was done to stop them.

Eventually a swarm of white raincoat-wearing police with clubs arrived and laid into the two assailants. The two men actually tried to put up a fight with the police but were beaten into submission. Meanwhile, not one of the 40 or so police bothered to check on the man laying in the mud! He was able to stand-up of his own volition but by that point he must have had absolutely no idea where he was. Somehow he managed to stand and staggered away, bleeding heavily from cuts and gashes all over his body. One of the police finally noticed and escorted him back to the First Aid tent. The 2 men who had attacked him were not taken into custody. Instead they were allowed to re-enter the fray. I heard a plea come from an enormous loudspeaker, "Naked Men! Please don’t fight!"

Apparently that was their only reprimand.

I looked behind me at Roberto and Pedro. "Did you see what happened to that gaijin?!" I asked them in Spanish. Both of them looked a little stunned and gravely nodded their heads. Roberto had actually considered participating, if for no other reason than to get all the alcohol he could drink and run around naked without getting arrested.

Ironically, that loudspeaker message signaled the beginning of a string of beatings. I say "beatings" because, I don’t think I saw a single one that wasn't completely one-sided. About three minutes later, I saw another foreigner get involuntarily "ushered" out of the temple. I then saw my gaijin group come "wa-shoi-ing" their way in and I feared for their lives. I tried to telepathically inform them: "DO NOT GO INTO THE TEMPLE!"

But that's exactly what they did. I should've guessed that Tim, being the stiff upper-lipped, overly competitive Englishman that he was, would be leading the way. First however, they marched into the cold pool of water. They came out "glistening" as Tim would later describe it. He said the feeling of diving into the ice water, after jogging for an hour, barefoot in the mud, was the most enjoyable part of the evening. After the purification bath, Tim, Mike and a small band of courageous (or really stupid?) foreigners, made their way up the temple steps.
Time passed. Tensions mounted. The mass of bodies in and around the temple continued to multiply exponentially. I would see fights erupt, like bubbles of molten lava forming and exploding as they spilled down a mountainside.

At some point during all this craziness, a group of real, hardened criminals arrived. I had heard that the yakuza (the Japanese Mafia - in Okayama, they're well represented) had been barred from competing in the Naked Man festival. There was a rule not allowing men with tattoos to participate. Highly ornate Japanese tattoos all over one's upper body are a yakuza trademark. That being said, these guys without tattoos seemed to be just as evil. Their fundoshis were black (almost all the others wore white), and they had black electrical tape wrapped just above their biceps. Wherever they went, trouble and pain seemed to follow.

I saw two of them (one VERY large and scary) chase a much smaller man out of the temple, down the steps and around the temple grounds, until he finally decided to stay his ground and fight. This was a bad idea. He was faster than the other two, but no way was he stronger. In effect, he was committing suicide. But he was going to die with honor, kamikaze-style. He got in one good swing, but hit only air. The other two, showing signs that this wasn’t their first fight, wrapped up the smaller man's arms and proceeded to beat him senseless.

To my total amazement, there was a policeman about ten feet away doing absolutely nothing! He had to be aware of it! He was obviously there for crowd control but "breaking up brutal beatings" wasn't in his job description. Eventually the same group of white coated police rushed the two men in black. Once the beating frenzy ended, the men were again set free to return to bullying. Each time violence broke out, that same pathetic voice would boom out over the loudspeaker: "Naked men, please don't fight."

Ironically, this seemed to be the only reason why many participants were there. Perhaps they were tired of being subservient in their daily lives to their parents, bosses, customers, etc, bowing so much that they even began to bow when talking on the phone! In Japan, there is always somebody above you.

Naked Man Festival may be the one opportunity these men have to be entirely selfish, so of course they're going to go a bit overboard! They don’t have to bow or say "I'm sorry" (one of the most frequently heard phrases in Japan) to anyone! On this night, they can go crazy with no repercussions, so long as they don't kill anybody (it was OK to inflict severe injuries).

I saw the police attack one guy in an attempt to dissuade him from brutalizing someone else. The man was finally let go, but the minute the police turned their backs, the man went into a berserk rage and actually charged all 40+ police! Never mind the fact that they were fully armed (and clothed). He crashed into the mob of raincoats, knocking down cops like he was a bowling ball and they were the hapless pins. Assaulting a police officer? Even he was allowed to return to the temple!

Well I should have known – if another foreigner was going to get into a fight, it would be Tim. He's just too uptight. Sooner or later somebody was going to take a swing at him. On the temple steps, I saw a slender gaijin quickly, but gingerly, running down to ground level. It was Tim. A couple of Japanese men were chasing after him, but Tim was impressively fleet of foot (especially for a man without shoes). Unlike most of the men present, Tim looked quite sober and alert as he darted through the crowd. I wouldn't have expected him to run from a fight. With his manliness at stake, I was sure he'd accept any challenge, but there he was "running away." He reminded me of a streaker, trying to evade the police.

Fortunately, Tim received help from a wall of men (both foreign and Japanese) who formed to create a barrier between him and his attackers. Pushing and shoving was exchanged before the police arrived. I was curious to see which of the two parties they would pommel first. Tim's attackers answered this question by charging the cops! As the battle ensued, some fellow foreigners checked Tim for injuries. I could tell by their body language that he was fine. Joined arm in arm, they charged back up the steps.

Finally the moment everyone had been waiting for was about to arrive. The floodlights on the temple went pitch black. The crowd roared. Everything was now dark except for a zillion camera flashes coming from both in and outside the temple. From where I was standing, the constant flashes lighting up the darkness seemed to have a magical, kinetic effect. The fervor reached its peak. The shingi dropped.

Or at least I think it did. Because of the darkness I never actually saw it – not until the next day on TV when I saw three hardy men in tattered, muddy loincloths plant it in the dirt in front of City Hall.

I have no idea how the shingi got from point A to point B. After the drop, the lights flooded back on and the swarm of bodies flowed like a tidal wave, out of the temple. Dog piles and fights broke out all over the place. Eventually we were informed via loudspeaker that the shingi had left the temple precinct and was making its way down the street. We slowly removed ourselves from the area. I was stunned – not only by all that I had seen but, how it could end so quickly.

Back on the bus, Roberto and I concluded that the Naked Man festival serves 3 purposes in Japanese society:
1) Religious Purification
2) Right of Passage
3) Stress Release

As for myself, I think I'll look for ways to blow off steam, exert my manhood, and purify my spirit that don't involve being naked in public on a cold night in February.

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CMNM bromance buds with a good buddy

It's great how this series of naked buddies photos starts out with a CMNM situation. It's significant because  it is actually how a lot of male-male bonding situations really do get started. One of the guys 'shows' his buddy how much he likes his friend, and expresses (not verbally) the desire to be more affectionate with his 'straight' buddy. It is a prelude to a deeper emotional but not necessarily sexual friendship. This is the heart of what ' bromance' is about.

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The Early Christmas Present by Thorn

An original story by Thorn, as posted on his Yahoo Group: thorngay, Dec, 2010.

I was at this Christmas dinner dance and being a true Scot, I was wearing my kilt free-balling style. Functions like this are hot in Scotland because all these hot guys are wearing kilts and you just know that most have nothing on underneath. Very, sexy and - if it wasn't for the weight of the sporran - everyone would know just how horny I was.
There was this real hot guy that I took a real fancy to. He was blond, slim and had a really sexy smile. I just bet he was wearing nothing under that kilt. A sexy guy like him wouldn't. I watched him as he danced and his kilt swung high showing plenty of thigh, but never high enough to tell. God he was sexy.
I kept watching, trying not too look too obviously.
When it came to the end of the festivities people headed out to the hotel foyer. I was staying in the hotel that night, alone, sadly. The really hot blond happened to be standing next to me when Kyle looked across and announced to all in our part of the foyer, that he was inviting us up to his room for a night cap. I turned to the blond and said, "are you joining us?". "Sure, he replied", and we followed Kyle to his room.
I sat down on one of the chairs, while Kyle opened a bottle of single malt whisky and got some glasses. I realised that the blond guy was on the floor cross legged directly opposite me. Again I could see lots of sexy thigh but his kilt carefully concealed any glimpse I might have had. Damn!
However, I realised I could have some fun. I was sitting higher than him and at his eye level, he was staring right at my knees. I splayed my knees a little to lift the front of my kilt. The blond guy was looking around absently, when he must have suddenly realised what was right in front of him and his eyes halted momentarily, staring into the darkness under my kilt. I felt my dick jump with excitement.
I very subtly shifted my knee so he must have had a better view, I was sure. Right enough his eyes seemed locked in my direction. I didn't want to make it too obvious so I moved my knee inwards to end the show for the moment. The blond guy moved his gaze, but I fancied he kept coming back to me to check.
On one of these occasions I moved both knees to lift the middle of my kilt and give him what must have been a pretty clear view of my hardening dick. Without making it obvious I checked. Yes, his stare was locked between my knees. Again I moved my knees back.
A third time his eyes came round and my dick was now pretty hard and big. I moved my knees, caught his attention and he locked his gaze. He then looked up at my face caught my eye, immediately looking away. I fancied there was a sort of knowing look on his face. Then he shifted his position and, I guess deliberately, lifted his knee to gave me an eyeful in return. His dick, too, looked quite hard and I could see his cute balls in my hand. I caught his eye and gave him my best 'come on' look.
We continued this subtle round of display for some time, when I finished my whisky and thanked Kyle and headed to the door. The blond guy said he must be going to and headed to the door with me. My heart leapt. Was this deliberate? Once in the corridor I asked if he was staying in the hotel.
"No", he replied, "I came by car, but I'm going to get a taxi home". "Have you far to go?," I asked. He said he was going back to town, which was some 20 miles away. "Do you want to stay in my room and take your car back in the morning? I have two beds," I asked. "That would be great!," he smiled as he headed down the corridor with me. I was trying not to get too excited as we headed to my room.
Once in the room I invited him to use the bathroom first, my heart pounding with excitement. After some time he returned stark naked apologising that he had nothing else with him but his kilt outfit. He was absolutely stunning and his cock looked as though he was quite turned on by being naked. My dick did a loop the loop at this beautiful naked apparition.
He sat down on the bed I was sitting at, ignoring the other double bed. Lifted the covers and got in. I couldn't believe my luck. This was a clear sign he wanted to share a bed. I undressed slowly, enjoying the sensation of stripping for this guy. Dropping my kilt to the floor my new friend exclaimed "nice" and smiled.
We spent a night of passion together. The kilt is a wonderful way of making new friends!

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Naked Erotic Male Massage

Getting a naked massage is such a horny CMNM situation. The guy is naked and vulnerable with just
 a towel covering his cock and ass. Suddenly the guy giving him a rub down takes it too far and the guy laying there is fully naked with a steadily growing erection. The videos at MassageBait all start with CMNM like this, but usually end up with the masseur getting naked and screwing the guy he's working on. Well who could blame him?


I’ve come across plenty male erotic massage videos, but I have to say this is one of my favorites. Mainly because it touches on (literally) all the male erogenous zones. Yes, guys – our dick and ass aren’t the only two places that provide heightened sexual stimulation (if stimulated correctly that is).
My First Male Massage

The end...for now!
This is my first story, please be a little kind. Since I'm new at this, I would appreciate any and all feedback. Please feel free to email me.

Warning, this is male on male erotica. 


I was worn out from a hard weeks work. At last my construction business was picking up, only I had some bills and didn't want to take on adding an employee. My first goal was to dig out of this hole then I would worry about expanding my business. So, that meant that I had to help pitch in and do some of the constructions.

After a couples weeks of hard labor, heavy lifting, this and that, well my body wasn't ready for that type of torture. Guess you can say that I became soft being so focused on the business side of things that the heaviest thing I had to lift was a pen. My body defiantly was feeling the strain. I needed a massage to relieve the knots and kinks. However I had no idea where I could find a masseur in this small town. Sure we had Asian massage parlors but I think they are a front for prostitution, not sure why I feel that way.

Anyway later that evening I was surfing the net looking when I came across an advertisement for a male masseur. I clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised at how professional the office looked. Maybe this was the right solution for my needs? The next morning I contacted them and set up an appointment for the following day. I was still soar and needed relief.

Finally the big day for my massage, boy was I ever ready. I haven't had a massage in ten years, how sad 
is that? Arriving on time, I walked into the spa. A nice looking administration person gave me a quick tour and asked me if I wanted to take a shower.

Course I said yes, as I just came from a job site. She led me to the shower room and handed me a clean towel and robe. I disrobe and took my shower. It felt nice, the how shower. Slowly I could feel the hot water to beat my job off my body. Once finished I prepare for my massage, wrapped the towel around me, lay face down on the table as instructed.
Before long a man entered and introduced himself to me as my masseur, but I was too relaxed to look up at him. Instead I mumbled something and he started to apply warm lotion on my back. His hands were small but strong and he found all the right spots. He started with my head covered every inch; I could feel the tensions leaving my body.

After only ten minutes I was putty in his hands. The stresses of my job left my mind. I could feel my body starting to feel human again. Everything was perfect, I thought it doesn't get any better than this? Then I felt it, my hands were at my sides and turned slightly up, and he leaned against the table to reach a spo

on my opposite side and placed his cock right in my hand. He was wearing a thin pair of silk shorts and a tank top so it left little to the imagination! I was frozen. I didn't react at all just let things happen. Never in my life did I ever consider myself to be gay, or even bisexual, but this started to arouse me. Maybe it was the massage but I was turned me on. He continued the massage and was now on my opposite side and then he did it again leaning in so his cock was in my other hand. Was it accidental or intentional? 

I could feel my own cock becoming hard as my curiosity was turned up a notch. Things really started to become erotic when he started to massage my butt cheeks. He continued massaging my ass for what felt like ten minutes or so.

He softly asked if he should leave the towel on or would it be okay to remove it. 

Never in my life have I been shy and by this point what did it matter? There was nothing I could do to hide my erection. He removed the towel and applied more lotion to his hands but he didn't go straight to my butt, instead he started on my legs and boy did that feel good. Wow, why have I waited so long for this? I should get massaged every week. My masseur opened legs allowing him more access to my sore muscles. Being a good client and feeling horny, I spread them a little wider for ease of range. 
By now I was in seventh heaven. I was feeling brave and even a little daring. I couldn't help but feel a little of an exhibitionist. I knew from where he was standing that he could see how aroused I had grown to become. There was no way he couldn't see that I was excited. 

He acted like nothing had happened but a minute later he did it again! I could feel him leaning in and placed that cock right in my hand. By now I was so comfortable and horny that I started to squeeze his cock. I actually took his cock in my hand!  He felt nice, not over big and sort of slim.

More magic! I felt him becoming hard in my hand! I mean, I felt him get an erection while I was holding his cock. Wow, that was so amazing and kinky! I've never seen, let alone held a man's cock as he became hard. I could tell he was getting excited too. His breathing had changed which told me that he was also having a good time. He made no effort to remove it just let me squeeze it and went about massaging my butt cheeks thoroughly. It was one of the hottest feelings I've ever had!

What a mental image I had in my head. I was really enjoying this man working over my butt, and to have this man's hard cock in my hand was thrilling. He never missed a beat though he just kept massaging my but the traveled around and started on the other side and just like on queue placed his by now fully hard cock right in my other hand. I wondered how many times a day this happened to him?

The massage on my ass really had me heated up. My masseur had poured generous amounts of warm oil on my ass as he worked the oil into my skin. Then it happened again, something new for m me to experience. I felt his fingers touching my hole. Between the oil on my body and his hands, he easily slipped a finger inside me.

I swear that my cock became a little harder! My masseur was a struggling to remain mostly professional, but it was clearly obvious that he wanted this to become something more than a massage.

Sadly he stopped all of a sudden.
Thankfully it was to ask me if I wanted to roll over onto my back. His hard cock was still firmly in my hand.

Reluctantly I let his cock slip from my hand as I rolled over exposing my rock solid six inches of man meat, although I consider myself somewhat shy I felt sort of turn on that I was exposing myself for him. I've never been hard in front of a man before so this was all new to me.

I let go of his hard cock.

Carefully I turned over to my back, I could see his cock was just as hard as mine. This was very exciting to me. I relaxed and lower my head down as he went about applying the oils to my chest and stomach. It felt so good to have him stroking my chest and he paid special attention to my nipples also. I was so turned on every time he pinched or twisted my nipples my cock would jerk.

Never in my wildest dreams did I realize how erotic a massage could be. By now I'm sure that my eyes were glassed over so I tried to keep them closed. Maybe it was also due to the fact that I had no idea where I should be looking? I mean, do I look at him? Do I look at my body? I just had no idea on what I should do with myself.

So I took the easy way out, and relaxed.

Even with my eyes closed, I could feel him leaning forward. His chest pressed into mine. In this state of mine though, I didn't really care. Hell through most of this massage my eyes were closed so why should I open them now?

But I did, open my eyes.

Sometime, somehow he had removed his shorts! When did he have time for that? I felt a strange erotic tingling sensations flowing as I looked him over. Once again, I reached out for his cock and wrapped my hand around his hard long shaft. He was long and slim maybe six or seven inches long but skinny. His cock didn't have much girth to it.

With his cock firmly in my hand he started massaging my chest. I enjoyed the sensations of fondling his cock and balls. I've never felt another man's cock before. I could have stayed on his massage table for hours, but I knew that this must come to an end. Since I was on my back, I realized our time was limited.

The next thing I knew he was traveling down to the foot of the table, I looked up just in time to see him remove his shirt and turn towards me. My masseur was now totally naked. I noticed how smooth and tan his body was and wondered if he shaved, or was naturally hairless? Either way, this man had one hot body.

He reached for my foot and started in massaging it. Still feeling very relaxed all I could do was just allow things to happen to me. His touch was soothing as he started to work his way up my foot and ankle, higher up on to my calf and knee then finally to my thigh; the suspense was killing me as I knew what I wanted! I just wanted him to get there, asap!

 Never before in my life has my cock never felt so hard. His hands slowly massaging my inner thighs, making my cock sway back and forth. I watched him walk to my right side with his cock proudly pointing upwards and swaying as he moved.
He went back to massaging my outer thighs and hip, every now and then his hand would just graze under my cock. Oh how I wanted his oily hands to take grip of my cock and to feel him stroking my hard cock. Teasingly his hands got closer till his finger tips running through my pubic hair. Thoughts of insecurity raced through my mind as maybe I should have shaved before this massage?

To my annoyance he moved to my other side with his erect cock leading the charge. My masseur repeated the process on my other thigh and hip. I was becoming exhausted yet desperate of a hot release. By now my cock was dripping precum. As he finished my leg I became aware of the position of my legs he had left them slightly bent and spread quite wide. He walked up to the side of table running his hand up my stomach as he approached. 

I was still laying there with my eyes closed. My head slightly turned towards him when he softly spoke to informed me that I had several options as to how we could finish the massage. I was surprised and pleasantly shocked when I opened my eyes to see his cock not more than three inches away from my face. That's when I noticed he too was leaking precum and wanted release.

As he started to tell me what my options were, well I couldn't resist any longer. I had to know what it felt like, what his cock tasted like. Seeing his cock right there, I just did what came naturally to me and I leaned forward taking the tip of his cock into my mouth. My masseur stopped talking as I worked my tongue all around the head and shaft of his cock. He did reach down and started to massage my chest. What a picture that must have been, with his cock in my mouth and him trying to massage me.

He was careful to join me up on the table, part of me was worried that the massage table would collapse from our weight. Guess this wasn't his first rodeo. Slowly he worked his body into a 69 position.

I had never done anything like this before but we both seemed completely at ease with his cock in my mouth. I continued sucking for what seemed like several minutes then I felt his hand travel down my stomach and for the first time he actually grabbed my cock spreading all my precum around up and down my shaft and around my balls.

I don't know if it was the precum or the oils but it was slippery down there. He leaned further down so he could reach my crotch with both hands has he stroked and played with my balls, taking special care to not let his cock slide from my mouth.

Then he took it one step further and took my whole cock down his throat. Wow did that feel good I almost exploded on the spot but somehow was able to hold off. As he continued to suck me, he kept his hands busy massaging and touching me.

By now his hands had dropped lower to my ass and were rubbing and probing me there, I couldn't believe how great that actually felt and found myself lifting and spreading my legs further apart giving him total access.

Again my masseur shocked me, still in a pleasant way. I felt him starting to play with my balls then carefully he slowly started to insert his finger into my ass. Carefully he worked his finger inside me till he found my prostate. This man was complete in massaging me but he was very thorough! Not only did he massage my body, but now he was massaging my internal as well!

I completely lost it as the sensations were too much! My body tensed up as my orgasm exploded. I didn't warn him as my cock exploded in his mouth, gush after gush. I never came so hard and so much. I was totally spent but he wasn't done yet. My stud kept sucking and probing my ass, as I came filling his mouth with my cum. It didn't faze him as he swallowed everything that I had given him. I still couldn't believe that his hard as a rock cock was still in my mouth, thankfully I didn't bite him.
After a couple minutes my breathing returned back to normal.

Yet, another first for me. my cock slipped out of his mouth, and I could see a little of my cum on his lips. Then I felt him moving, carefully he worked his way down towards the end of the table with his hand holding my cock.

This massage was so many 'first' for me, yet I loved every minute of it. Being that I'm a little older, it usually takes me some time before I get hard after reaching my orgasm. Yet, with his finger till embedded in my ass, I noticed that my cock never became flaccid!

When he finally got comfortable he was between my legs, he slowly lifted his mouth off my cock but never removed his finger and I became aware of the position I was in. I was on my back my legs were spread wide and pulled back to my chest and my butt was slightly up turned. I wasn't sure that I was ready for what he wanted. Guess he sensed it, then he asked me if I wanted to do him since I was hard again.

I knew what he wanted, was there any difference between a woman's ass and a man's?

With my cock rock hard, I was curious. I moved behind him and watched as he bent over the table to grab the oil. Then he reached around and spread generous amounts on both my cock and his ass.

He turned to look at the wall as he guided my cock into his asshole. I could feel him tensed up immediately and he sensed it my worry. He told me not to worry and to work myself slowly into him.

I slid the tip of my cock up and down my ass crack till he reached for my cock stoking to put it back in him. I felt the tip of my cock enter him and before I realized that the head was in him. I had to fight the temptation to push hard into him, oh how I needed to push more inside him. I wanted to feel his tightness, his walls gripping onto my cock like a vice.

Carefully and slowly I worked myself deeper, inch by inch slipped into his hot man hold. I knew he needed release to, so I reached around for his cock. His had was already there stocking his cock as I fucked his ass.

Once I was all the way in, I didn't move. I wanted him to adjust and accommodate my girth. As he relaxed I could feel him gently began to apply pressure on my cock head. He was so gentle and didn't force it further; we just stayed there for a moment with him stroking his cock. I wondered what that felt like, to masturbate while having a cock deep inside your ass.

Once he was totally relaxed, I started to pull out. Not too far as I didn't want his body to eject me. I don't know how he could tell but whenever I would slip an inch or two out of him he would push himself onto me, impaling my cock deeper into his ass. We slowly started to work as a team, building up our rhythm.

Before long I could feel my balls slapping his ass and it never really did hurt much. He began to withdraw and then slowly got a rhythm built never rushing just slowly in and out. I swear that I could feel every inch going in and out of him, pressing the urge for me to cum again.

He must have felt my cock swell because he started pumping his own cock faster and faster just as I started pumping his ass harder and harder.

I'm not sure who came first but I could feel my cock explode in his tight ass.

I could also feel his muscles flexing as he pumped his own seed on to the table.

Wow, that was just amazing! What a rush of feelings to orgasm in such a tight hole like that.

Fucking him was terrific he collapsed forward on the table and I collapsed on top of him. My cock buried deep inside him. Slowly I could feel myself becoming flaccid and then it happened when my cock wasn't hard enough to stay inside his hole, he expelled me.

Once I finally slipped out we just rested for a couple of moments till our breathing returned to normal. What a massage that man gave me! What a way to spend an hour. Why couldn't I do this every day?

I thought that this was excellent and how could we ever top this experience?

As he slowly stood up, he led me to the showers. We both needed to get cleaned up. I was so proud of my cock, shooting two hot loads into this man. once in the showers he cleaned my body and his. He was still the caregiver which I enjoyed. Once he soaped up my cock and rinsed me off, he once again used his mouth to make sure all my spunk off my cock. Personally, I think he just wanted to touch me some more before our time came to an end.

Once cleaned, he dried me off then we went back into the room. We dressed and he asked me about my experience. I just told him the truth that I was blown away. Pun intended!

He gave me his card and told me to call him anytime. I gave him a nice tip and back to the office I went hoping to tense up so that I needed to call him again.

Wow, what a massage! There was no way that I was going to wait ten years for my next massage.

Never in my life had a man touched me like this. Never in my life had a man turned me on this way!
My masseur slowly worked his hands higher and higher, my legs spread even wider on their own. Now he had complete access to me! He took advantage of it also massaging up to my cheeks and 'accidently' bushing my balls as he massaged my inner thigh area. 

Then I felt it again, his cock touched my hand!